The police was called by the londonian ambulance's service somewhere in Camden Square before 4 p:m after getting informations about a young lady found dead. When they arrived, they saw a 27 years old lady, which they declared dead. They don't know for sure by now the reason of the death. Today, July 23rd 2011 Amy Winehouse has gone. Dead.


Fighting. For what ? Celebrity. A first album not recognized in 2000. Her voice is probably the best since Janis Joplin's thou. Comes 2006. Rehab. Five Gammy Award. Acknowledgment. A public in love with her genius. Back to black. Over twelve millions CDs sold. A dreamed career. A husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. A lover, Reg Traviss. A world. Her world. A life. Her life. Dead.


Fighting. Against what ? Vices. Tobacco. Alcohol. Marijuana. Cocaïne. Addictions. There's a moment when the line beetween reality and imagination fades. For her, the line did'nt existed anymore. There's a moment when you drink until you pass out. Smoke until you can't breath. But keep smoking otherwises you can't breath. When drugs take over. They tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no, no and no. Dead.


Was Amy meant to die at 27, like her brothers before her, Jimi and Jim, or wasn't she ? Destiny or accident? She probably even didn't know  itherself. She's dead, but the ghost she was is still here and seems to be trying to say : remember what I told you guys in Rehab ? The man said "why do you think you here?" I said "I got no idea". But we actually know the reason why now. Death.


© Rosalie Calvet