Rosalie teaches languages



During her time at Columbia, Rosalie lived in Harlem for two years. Willing to give back to the community that had made her time in New York filled with warmth and love, she launched her own French class at Harlem's Dream Center. The classes are held on Saturdays morning from 10:30 am to 12:00 am.


Rosalie welcomes student from all levels and background. She focuses on the different versions of French spoken throughout the world and breaking down the language into an accessible tool anyone can integrate to his daily life.



Prior to that, during her time in Shanghai, Rosalie taught English to a group of Elementary students. She conceived a twelve-week program to initiate the kids over the course of a summer. Rosalie was affiliated to the NGO Stepping Stones China, that works with children of migrant families that do not have access to public education.