Rosalie has been working as a free lance journalist since 2013.   

Her work, focusing on issues of racism, cultural difference and migration is frequently published in French and English media. She notably worked  as an editorialist for the Columbia Review of Political Science, as well as for the social science Review Books. 

Below are selected pieces of her most recent publications.


Silencing the Berbers

This article, initially published in the Journal of History of Ideasdiscusses identity politics in North Africa.


This piece, published in the November 2017 edition of the Review Books, won the Books Sciences Po Book Review Award.

Les Français issus de l'immigration

In this article, published in Columbia Political Review, Rosalie investigates the links between racism, ethnicity and religion in post-colonial France.

This article, published in Columbia Political Review, discusses the power dynamics within the Western firms in Chinese cities.