Through her studies at Columbia University, Sciences Po Paris and La Sorbonne-Paris IV, and currently as a graduate student at the City College of New York, Rosalie has written numerous academic pieces ranging from History to Economics, including Literature and Political Science.
The common thread is her dedication to conveying original claims and rigorous ideas.
Below is a sample of her work.


As a History Major at Columbia University, Rosalie was selected to write an Honors Senior Thesis, which was awarded the Charles A. Beard Prize, recognizing a thesis of superior distinction in any historical field or period.
In this work, Rosalie explores how historical writing accounts for current issues of racism in France.


A piece discussing the advantages inconvenience of Uber's economic model in France from a micro-economic perspective.


A piece analyzing the narrative of the history of the conquest of Latin America by the Spanish Empire


Analisis of the ambiguous status of the gypsy language in Spain. Article in Spanish.

On the historical significance of the Kharjas, a genre of andalusian epic poetry, composed during the Middle Age alternating early Spanish & Arabic. Article in Spanish.

This article is in French. It was written under the supervision of Professor Antoine Compagnon, teaching at Columbia University and at the Collège de France. It investigates the political critique of Roland Barthes towards Charles de Gaulle's policies. It further reflects on the legacy of the former president on French politics.


A piece written in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France, investigating the relations between free speech, freedom of religion and religious minority in France.


An proposition of an exhibition discussing modernity, urbanism and literature at the turn of the XIXth century in Paris.


This essay, interweaving intellectual history and epistemology, investigates to what extent modern science and conceptions of time were born in the Middle-Ages, by looking at the influence of Aristotle of Nicole Oresme's writing.


Based on Eve Sedwig's essay "White Glasses," this article analyzes the connection between the author's prose and her gender exploration.


A piece written in French discussing immigration patterns and projection in the coming century.


An analysis of Chomsky's critique of the flaws of the United States' political regime.


A piece about the ambiguous relation between Oil and Politics in the Middle East since the Cold War.


A piece discussing the sociological impact of modern administrations on human behavior.


A review of the French book Immigration or the Paradow of Otherness, a pioneer work in sociology of immigration by Abdelmalek Sayad, a former student of Pierre Bourdieu(text in French).


A discussion of the post World-War I European interferences in the Middle East.


A proposition to introduce a tool assessing the impact of one's ability to organize its time one one's well being (piece in French).


Analisis of the cinematographica aspect of the tale. Article in Spanish.


A formal analysis of the piece.


A piece comparing the two authors approach to the question of paradox, while investigating the importance of paradox as in intellectual paradigm in the Middle Age,


An analysis on the historiography of the region.

A review of the eponym masterpiece by Choderlos de Laclos (piece in French).